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August 2019 Is it possible to denounce one's Confirmation vows, unconfirm yourself, or unbaptize yourself?
August 2019 Why do things go better for those who don't go to church, have no family prayers, etc. than for us?
August 2019 Do I need proof to return since the parish burnt down and records were lost and who is Saint Uriel?
April 2019 Am I obliged to correct these church gals for posting immodest pants and clothing on Facebook?
April 2019 Should I correct my family though I think they won't listen to me or just pray and lead by example?
April 2019 Am I bound to correct these people when I am in an awkward position and afraid to tell them?
April 2019 At my young age, can you tell me if these are mortal sins and, if so, how to confess them?
January 2019 Now that I know my dad is having an affair, should I confront him or should I talk to a priest first?
January 2019 As a proud Muslim, why have I recently been seeing Jesus in my dreams?
January 2019 Am I responsible for helping everyone on a website who is thinking of harming themselves?
January 2019 Can you suggest some ways to stop masturbating and watching pornography?
January 2019 Can you answer some sex questions from a 23-year-old who has just started to have faith in Jesus?
January 2019 Do you have any other recommendations if I'm ever in a situation where I am battling demons?
January 2019 Seeing I feel down and distant for God, how can I strengthen my relationship with Him?
January 2019 How do I discern whether it is God's will for me to talk with someone important to me?
January 2019 Does a drug user have to wait to successfully complete their rehab before going to Confession?
January 2019 How do I survive this marriage seeing I have always dreamed of having a good Catholic family?
January 2019 What do the faithful Pittsburgh laity do at this time and why are priests repeating history?
August 2018 If she moved, can she receive forgiveness for an abortion from the bishop in her current diocese?
August 2018 Is assisted death a big sin in this religion and would I go to your Hell by making this choice?
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