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April 2008 How can I prove Alexander, the bishop of Constantinople in 325 A.D., was a Roman Catholic?
April 2008 Did I correctly explain the view of why Catholics don't receive the Eucharist under both species?
April 2007 Do you know any good resources on the history of the Sacraments?
September 2006 When did the Church start baptizing babies?
April 2006 Is there an official statement on the Judas Gospel that I can distribute in my parish?
April 2006 What situations caused the Great Schism to occur, who was affected, and how was it resolved?
November 2003 Why don't they note the Catholic Church was the first Church way before their leaders appeared?
October 2002 Where can I find the writings of the Early Church so I can show him the Church goes back to Peter?
October 2002 When did England become Protestant and what was the effect of the Reformation on the Church?
October 2002 Can you explain what the Church did so wrong during the Inquisition so I can clarify this issue?
October 2002 Is there a good book you could recommend on heresies that covers all Christian history?
November 2000 Where can we study Catholic Church history without going to a Protestant web site?
August 2000 Can you provide additional resources for the Crusades from an orthodox Catholic perspective?
August 2000 What are the major differences between Southern Baptists and Catholics?
August 2000 How were the differences resolved between the Armenian Apostolic and Catholic Church?
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