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Posting date Questions
January 2010 Can you give me a persuading answer to what makes Catholicism the right religion to follow?
September 2009 After the Great Schism of 1054 A.D., who ended up receiving Apostolic Succession?
September 2009 Why don't Christians take off their sandals when they walk into the Church?
September 2009 Where was Jesus crucified and why do paintings portray Him this way?
September 2009 Where can I find the relationship historically between the Church, slavery, and human rights?
May 2009 Do you know the name of a place in Israel called: the weeping well?
May 2009 Can bishops of the Church trace their Apostolic Succession back to the Apostles like the Pope?
February 2009 Can you help me respond to some comments on the lineage of Jesus and where He was born?
February 2009 Is it true that Jesus was not born on December 25th but on September 29th, 2 B.C.?
October 2008 How does the Church view the Orthodox Church's history and did the Orthodox schism from them?
October 2008 How can I rebut this guy's idea that Augustine didn't believe in the Real Presence as we do?
October 2008 Do you know a book that will refute the claims that the Catholic Church is based on paganism?
July 2008 If Jesus was a Jew and not a Catholic, how did the Catholic Faith and Bible come into existence?
July 2008 What is the difference between the Catholic Church and the Church of England?
April 2008 Why should I assume the Church has changed its attitude toward science since the Galileo case?
April 2008 Is there any outside evidence of Christ's family lines consistent with Old Testament prophecies?
April 2008 I too would like to re-assess Catholicism, so as I read the Fathers, can you send me a Catechism?
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