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Posting date Questions
April 2005 Can you help me find the postal or e-mail address for Fr. Gabriele Amorth?
April 2005 How do I start a blog so I can share some personal hardships and how Jesus has helped me?
April 2005 Can you provide the e-mail for the head of convent schools in Pakistan and the Vatican overseer?
April 2005 Can you provide the contact information for Archbishop Piero Marini — the Pope's right-hand man?
November 2003 Why is there an increasing amount of hostility among Catholic apologists?
November 2003 Seeing that our Bishop is attending Freemason meetings and functions, do you have any advice?
December 2002 Can you help me find this T-shirt: 10 reasons to be a Catholic: # 1 — the Eucharist! — ?
December 2002 Cardinal Walter Kasper: Christians can't hide mission role in talks with Jews.
October 2002 Can you help me find the Pope's e-mail address?
October 2002 Can you tell me how I can get one of those written Papal blessings?
October 2002 As a guide for Catholics, where can we find the latest statements, resources, etc. by the Bishops?
November 2000 Am I eligible for any tax credits or deductions for expenses in Catholic Home schooling?
November 2000 Is there a specific name for a house a Catholic priest lives in, possibly attached to a Church?
August 2000 What is the official position of the Catholic Church on the Shroud of Turin?
August 2000 What do you recommend I send a Muslim interested in the Christian faith?
August 2000 Do you know of any good resources that deal with Modern Science and the Catholic Faith?
August 2000 Can you help me find the web site of a Catholic parish from a town I used to live in?
August 2000 How can I get a birthday congratulations letter from His Holiness on my mother's 90th birthday?
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