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Posting date Questions
September 2006 Do you have a place on your web site where I can download all the Holy Quotes?
April 2006 How do I properly address a postal letter I wish to send to the Vatican or the Holy Father?
April 2006 Could I have the e-mail address of Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and Cardinal Francis?
April 2006 Is the information on the Words from Jesus web site legitimate?
April 2006 Why do children go without a family because homosexual couples are being passed over?
October 2005 What would be the most realistic and respectful process if we wanted to meet the Pope?
June 2005 Would you know of any bishop who has appointed priests as exorcists who could help me?
May 2005 What do I have to do to work in the Vatican and where can I find out about job openings there?
May 2005 Do you know where I can find dating web sites for single Catholics?
May 2005 What Gregorian chant was played at the Pope's funeral and is there a CD of the funeral?
April 2005 Who and where should these letters of condolences from my CCD class be sent for the Pope?
April 2005 Can you help me find a picture of my cousin who is an Archbishop for my family history book?
April 2005 Can you help me find the mailing address for the Vatican City Postal Service (Philatelic Section)?
April 2005 Do you have idea on how I can find a postal or e-mail address for a contact in the Vatican?
April 2005 What is the general structure and make-up of councils and ministries within a Catholic parish?
April 2005 Do you know of any web sites that list the Catholic Churches in Italy?
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