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Posting date Questions
February 2009 Why do they seem more enthusiastic and in love with God than some priests or bishops?
February 2009 Is there a free distance learning program for Catholic Religious Education?
February 2009 Is there an easily obtainable summary of the major changes as a result of Vatican Council II?
October 2008 Can you please tell me if there is still a convent in Edinburgh, England?
October 2008 When a vowed religious or diocesan priest moves from their abode, how do they get their mail?
July 2008 Where can enmesh my little girls in a cool Catholic culture in the Greater Boston area?
July 2008 Can you tell me about the Charismatic movement in the Church and is there a good web site?
July 2008 Is there a web site that has the cold hard fact numbers on the previous scandals in the Church?
July 2008 What is the name of the house where a specific order of priest share their main office?
July 2008 Can a bad teacher, who was formerly a nun, really be protected by the Archdiocese?
July 2008 What is the source of your Catholic data and where can I find historical and county-level data?
November 2007 Who is the Apostolic Delegate for the United States?
November 2007 Can you tell me what you know about an equivalent Cross with this inscription on the reverse?
April 2007 What is the reasoning behind the Catholic teaching on staying a virgin until marriage?
September 2006 Where can I service the Church seeing I have only completed part of my catechetical program?
September 2006 Who heads the Sacred Congregation of Bishops?
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