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Posting date Questions
January 2010 Is there any advice you can provide for a speech I have to make on 'Service in the community'?
January 2010 How many Catholics are there in Puerto Rico and can I get a list of churches in New York?
January 2010 Do you know if Tau crosses exist with PX written on them?
January 2010 Can you direct me to a website that has the older versions of the prayers I learned as a child?
January 2010 Does the Church fund and support this group and where can I send my protests about this group?
January 2010 By what authority and for what reasons can a Catholic parish's name be changed?
September 2009 How do I get in touch with the Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff?
September 2009 Do you have ideas on how a group of Catholics could start an outreach program or on fundraising?
September 2009 What is the fourth lay order, can you speak on each, and do some allow women in their order?
September 2009 Where would she go for a faithful Catholic Church in Mexico and how many sects have broken off?
May 2009 How do I find out if a priest or person was beatified?
May 2009 Is going to a Ghost Tour and encouraging ghost-viewing appropriate for a Catholic school trip?
May 2009 Can you please suggest a few Catholic house names for our newly built house?
May 2009
Who is the appropriate Vatican contact for sharing my Faith Formation Apologetics Curriculum?
May 2009 How do I get the honor or privilege to have a private audience with the Holy Father?
May 2009
How do I become a Catholic Internet Catechist/Apologist and cultivate my interest in Apologetics?
May 2009 What can I do if I am interested in ministry service to God but am not sure where to join?
February 2009 How does the Church maintain a tax exempt status while telling its members how to vote?
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