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Posting date Questions
January 2011 Can you suggest a measured response or reply for a person in this situation?
January 2011 I recently visited Rome and saw this inscription. Can you tell me what it means?
January 2011 What's a good prayer book for beginners?
January 2011 Are there any Church regulations prohibiting this type of language in the classroom?
January 2011 Sounds like homework: an array or questions about the Catholic Church.
January 2011 Can you give me the address for Cardinal James F. Stafford?
January 2011 What is the source of the phrase: God will not give us more than we can handle?
January 2011 Where can we find good Catholic resources on why Christ is the only true God?
January 2011 What jurisdiction and rights does a bishop have in Saudi Arabia?
January 2011 Do you know the formal title and address for Cardinal Raymond Burke?
August 2010 Where do I go to financially donate to the work you and your team does on behalf of the Church?
August 2010 What is the difference between an Archbishop and bishop and an Archdiocese and diocese?
August 2010 Can you identify a prayer that I have occasionally heard in Church and was able to transcribe?
April 2010 Would the Church let members of a diocese suffer due to the financial incompetency of a bishop?
April 2010 Who should we formally express our concerns to if a pastor has mental health issues?
April 2010 Is there an office in the Church for pilgrimages to Israel and do you suggest a specific company?
April 2010 Is there a Catholic equivalent to their Muslim outreach material so I can evangelize like them?
April 2010 How do I have my society recognized by the Roman Catholic Church?
April 2010 What is the order in a Catholic Church and is there some office called Acolyte?
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