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Posting date Questions
January 2012 What is our obligation in responding to piracy; should we report illegal activity to the authorities?
January 2012 Is it OK to go out and wine and dine with friends and work colleagues on Friday's during Lent?
January 2012 What is Word of knowledge and prophecy?
August 2011 Why do we pray and kneel in front of images when the Ten Commandments say we should not?
August 2011 Is it a sin to listen to specific types of music including: Rap, Rock, Metal, "Emo", and Screamo?
August 2011 Are viewing or listening to certain video games a sin?
August 2011 Why are we asked to make these oaths, when Our Lord has told us we shouldn't make them?
August 2011 Should we bless ourselves making the Sign of the Cross over a non-Catholic's dead body?
August 2011 Is yoga bad for me religiously and if I am unmarried, living with someone, can I receive at Mass?
August 2011 What is the difference between denouncing wrong behavior and destroying some ones name?
August 2011 At thirteen years old, is it OK to buy things I want, as long as I give some money to the Church?
August 2011 Do Catholics "Call on the name of the Lord" and if so, how?
August 2011 What does the Church think of this new age healing therapy — BodyTalk?
August 2011 I would like to wear a Petrine Cross but I don't want to communicate the wrong message.
August 2011 Our family is on a budget and trying to save money so is it OK to take some extra sugar packets?
August 2011 I was wondering, how can I feel closer to God?
August 2011 Is it wrong to download this music without paying for it?
April 2011 Can you get a pardon and get into Heaven for sacrificing your life and is being good, enough?
April 2011 When is the right age to start giving money to the Church, like tithing?
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