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Posting date Questions
August 2012 Is there anything wrong with sharing my feelings on war-related scenes common to veterans?
August 2012 Is there is anything wrong with playing violent video games?
August 2012 I recently heard a rumor that Catholics aren't allowed to drink milk. Is this true?
April 2012 Is buying a replica of an item considered a sin; like an imitation of a product?
April 2012 Do we owe God for answered prayers, like what happened to Bart Simpson and why candles?
April 2012 Can salt protect your home from evil spirits?
April 2012 When Catholics pray, do they also pray to Jesus and do they believe there is an anti-Christ?
April 2012 What should be done with goods purchased with money which was obtained illegitimately?
April 2012 Can you answer some questions on drinking, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and the fear of Hell?
April 2012 How does the Church view cremation seeing we will be re-united with our bodies after death?
April 2012 Is it against the Bible to sue a doctor for medical malpractice?
April 2012 Is exorcism real and supported by the Catholic Church; I don't hear priests talking about them?
April 2012 Is the game Crime inc. a sin or is it a bad game to play?
April 2012 If I wanted to hunt demons, would it be a sin due to the killing or just for messing in the occult?
January 2012 Is it OK to love my pets more than other strangers I meet?
January 2012 What is the Church's view on genetic engineering and cloning?
January 2012 Does the Church approve of genetic testing or genetic compatibility testing?
January 2012 Is our Director of Religious Education correct in telling us not to make the Sign of the Cross?
January 2012 Should I be tithing money that has been given to me as "benevolent money"?
January 2012 Is it a sin to get a Brazilian wax?
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