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Posting date Questions
January 2013 Do we have to offer our lives to God?
January 2013 Is it okay to pray to God for other people, like that they will have good health, and find love?
January 2013 Did the Catholics ever worship the sun?
January 2013 Are there other ways to worship [God|Jesus] and why do they use God to express their hatred?
January 2013 What is the Catholic position on gun ownership?
January 2013 How can I defend my Catholic faith against what my friend is saying about organized religion?
January 2013 We don't have a priest, so who is allowed to bless a house and what prayers should we use?
January 2013 Is Theophostic prayer or Sozo prayer condoned by the Catholic Church?
January 2013 Are tattoos against our Catholic religion?
January 2013 Should I listen to Protestant Christian talk stations since I enjoy them more than Catholic ones?
January 2013 Since God wants us to be pure and clean of heart, is it okay to watch PG-13-rated movies?
January 2013 Is there such a thing as a bad word or do humans make them bad?
August 2012 Why does the Pope and bishops wear so much gold and why are the churches built with gold?
August 2012 If you fall into mortal sin when saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy does it still count plus?
August 2012 Is it OK for people who believe in God, yet use their magical powers to serve God?
August 2012 If the Bible condemns idolatry so much, then why do we make crucifixes and paintings of Jesus?
August 2012 Can you help explain to me when, if any, these excommunications in Canon law are applied?
August 2012 In what way can I "become bread" for others?
August 2012 Where does the Catholic Church stand on exorcisms and have they performed any?
August 2012 Is it a sin to get a tattoo of a cross on your ankle if it's for respective, devotional reasons?
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