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Posting date Questions
January 2014 Does playing these type of video games really put my soul at risk though I don't feel tempted?
January 2014 Does the Church hold any negative views toward these natural care therapies?
January 2014 Is it acceptable to date a God-sibling if we are not biologically related?
August 2013 Am I sinning by playing marching band music that contains songs with sinful lyrics?
August 2013 Is pretend magical role-playing OK and is writing fantasy stories with evil characters OK?
August 2013 Can someone who does good and practices magic still let Jesus into their lives?
August 2013 Can a former Buddhist who wants to become Catholic continue his breathing meditations?
August 2013 Why do people believe polygamy is God's will and are stories involving fantasy and magic wrong?
August 2013 Why do some people act this way and should we shun these people or make peace with them?
August 2013 Though it involves Taoism, if it can help my Epilepsy should I purse nutritional balancing?
August 2013 Is it sinful to watch and listen to music videos that were not uploaded by the content owner?
August 2013 Don't you fear the Church could be unintentionally prejudice against others for being different?
August 2013 Can you clarify the conflicting answer between your web site and this one on eating pork?
August 2013 If we need to make restitution and we can't pay it off all at once, can we pay it off bit by bit?
August 2013 If we watch movies with others are we culpable for encouraging them or is it their own sin?
August 2013 Is it OK for a Catholic like me to attend Christian fellowships?
April 2013 What are the different types of prayer?
April 2013 Is there any proof that fasting and prayer is a proscription to the Epileptic boy being healed?
April 2013 Have Angels been called Spirit Guides and do Christians used sage or incense to summon them?
April 2013 Is it wrong to meet with a New Ager and give them a chance to explain what they believe?
April 2013 On the job, would it be a sin not to wear a crucifix in order to create a more cozy atmosphere?
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