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Posting date Questions
June 2015 Since Jihadists just want to convert or kill us, what should do when confronted by them?
June 2015 At age 15, what type of activities would the Church approve of with my free time?
June 2015 Would getting a tattoo of the Hamsa Hand be accepted by the Catholic Church?
June 2015 Am I cooperating with their sin by sharing my meat pizza with them on Fridays outside of Lent?
June 2015 Why are there 15 Stations of the Cross when there use to be only 14 and what's the history?
January 2015 What is the Church's position on the second amendment right to keep and bear arms?
January 2015 Can guidance counselors use personality tests in their work and are they in line with our faith?
January 2015 Is it a mortal sin to kiss a priest?
January 2015 Is a lay Catholic allowed to bless a person, object, or event like a meal the way a priest would?
January 2015 In order to give myself to God and dedicate myself to Him, do I have to give up playing the flute?
January 2015 Is it a sin if my dad sells pirated books and often avoids piracy inspection officers?
January 2015 Is it sinful not to bring God up during a conversation when we see a chance but hesitate?
January 2015 Is it a sin to get plastic surgery and a hair transplant?
August 2014 In these scenarios, dealing with rent, is the tenet culpable for the sinful acts of their landlord?
August 2014 How did the making of saints begin, why pray the Rosary when, and why pray to dead people?
August 2014 Is artificial insemination of animals a mortal sin?
August 2014 If we cannot find insight on which candidates adhere to our Catholic values, should we still vote?
August 2014 Is it wrong to put down or euthanize a pet if he or she is in pain?
August 2014 Is it a sin if I do not believe what the Church believes on using marijuana?
August 2014 Is it OK to write books having magic and dark characters if their intent is to teach and entertain?
August 2014 When does wasting time at work become a mortal sin especially when the work load slows down?
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