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Posting date Questions
August 2014 What is the severity of cursing in this situation, of sexual struggles, and when can we receive?
August 2014 Will living with an unmarried man who I have had a child with send me to Hell?
August 2014 Can one make restitution bit by bit for stolen things or should they make full restitution?
April 2014 Would it be considered sacrilegious for me to own a Kapala skull, only as an art piece?
April 2014 Is it permitted to blow out a saint candle or should I use a candle extinguisher?
April 2014 Can I pray for satanists or is their sin unforgivable and how do I handle satanic dreams?
April 2014 Is it strongly discouraged or even prohibited to date atheists?
April 2014 If my company is overbilling the insurance company, should I look for a new job?
April 2014 As Catholics, do we have to report fraud to authorities even if done by our family members?
April 2014 Can Catholics work for companies that financially support Planned Parenthood or like groups?
April 2014 Do I have an obligation to inform others about Bill Gates and his backing of population control?
April 2014 Is a mortal sin to take shots that may contain aborted fetus cells?
April 2014 Did Jesus speak about a caste system and why does the Church allow this system in India?
January 2014 Are Catholic women required by the Bible to cover their face, hair, or head?
January 2014 Is buying at places who support and possibly fund Planned Parenthood a grave sin?
January 2014 Would using a physic for the sole purpose of solving a crime be allowed by the Church?
January 2014 What moral culpability do we have with companies that use immoral means to sell their products?
January 2014 Can Catholics or any other Christians listen to heavy metal music?
January 2014 Does the Catholic Church endorse domestic discipline, specifically wife-spanking by husbands?
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