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Posting date Questions
August 2012 Is it possible to still raise people from the dead, and , if so, is it only for those in Purgatory?
August 2012 Is it possible to pray and ask Jesus to bring someone back to life who has died?
April 2012 'I got caught in the PC {Practicing Catholic} No Spin Zone! Don't you!' Notification of Correction: April 2012
Bill O'Reilly required Notification of Correction. Topic: Distinguishing between dogma, doctrine and discipline
April 2012 Are Catholics allowed to pray to someone who is not God without violating the Commandments?
April 2012 Was Jesus ever tempted to sin, and if so, wouldn't just the thought of that temptation be a sin?
April 2012 What is the official teachings of the Church regarding guardian angels and angels in general?
April 2012 Can I go to Heaven if I am not baptized but want to be a child of God and Jesus?
April 2012 Are Guardian Angels supposed to protect us from physical harm, or just spiritual harm?
April 2012 Does the nature of the sin change when there are no internet copyright laws in that country?
April 2012 Are we approving of someone's sin, when they do something sinful while we remain silent?
April 2012 Is there a physical devil and is there a such thing as demonic possessions or exorcisms?
April 2012 How do I reply to a Protestant friend who says Jesus is not God because of what Exodus says?
January 2012 Is it a mortal sin not to stop someone from committing a mortal sin?
January 2012 What does the virtue tranquility mean?
January 2012 Why are new born babies born with sin, when they did nothing wrong?
January 2012 I know God exist, but why does He exist?
January 2012 What happens to the soul after the physical body dies; does it survive death?
January 2012 Do unborn babies have their own guardian angels, as distinct from the mother's angel?
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