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Posting date Questions
January 2014 Is it wrong in the Catholic faith for a wife to look physically beautiful?
January 2014 Who is the perfect master in today's world that can teach me how I can liberate my soul?
January 2014 May Catholics teach evolution as fact, is the Bible totally inerrant, and who said this and when?
August 2013 Is there a God and if there is a God, who is answering me and how do I know He is really there?
August 2013 When a person dies do they go straight to Heaven and what is the Scriptural support for this?
August 2013 In the Apostle's Creed, what does "He descended into Hell" mean; did Jesus really go to Hell?
August 2013 If Lucifer or satan is one, how can they possess multiple people at one time around the world?
August 2013 If God is uncreated and does not have a beginning could there be other uncreated Gods?
August 2013 Does the Catholic Church still teach Supralapsarianism as St. Augustine did?
August 2013 Is it possible for one to repent of any of the six unpardonable sins and be forgiven of those sins?
August 2013 Can you explain to a Muslim, if Jesus Christ is God, why does He need to pray?
August 2013 Who serves who and should we be cautious of those who use God as an excuse to harmful others?
August 2013 Can you clarify the subjective nature of full knowledge and full consent related to mortal sins?
August 2013 Do you believe that God gave this world to all people?
August 2013 Can you help me address these points on having a personal relationship with Jesus?
April 2013 Why is it man's nature to hate instead of following the better instincts of love and trust?
April 2013 Is the Kokopelli against our faith?
April 2013 From a Catholic perspective, am I on the right track in my reflections on suffering and salvation?
April 2013 How do I explain to my fiancé why God allows people to go through pain, suffering, and loss?
April 2013 What is the difference between morals and ethics?
April 2013 What does the ancient Christian symbol the fish and Hebrew letters stand for?
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