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Posting date Questions
April 2014 What is the morality behind playing these add-on components to video games?
April 2014 From the Catholic perspective, what is the difference between sin and crime?
April 2014 Since experts cannot identify this violin, is it possible that God created this actual object?
April 2014 Did other species of humans, like Neanderthals, have souls?
April 2014 What is the Catholic view of Limbo: Has it been abolished or is it still a doctrine of the Church?
April 2014 Why do we pray to Mary and the saints if the Bible tells us we should have no other Gods?
April 2014 What is the greater sin: a pedophile priest or a divorced Catholic that remarries?
April 2014 Can you please provide a detailed explanation of what a virtue is that I can understand?
April 2014 How would you respond to those that claim that the Christian faith is simply a fabrication?
January 2014 What does the Catholic teaching, "the deceased will be raised up on the last day" mean?
January 2014 Does Satan and his fallen angels willfully submit to God or are they forced?
January 2014 Is it a sin for a soldier to kill in any war, just (war) or not, and should he confess killing as a sin?
January 2014 If God knows everything, how do we really have free will?
January 2014 Seeing my friend's sister lost a baby and the baby hadn't been baptized, where did the baby go?
January 2014 Can you answer some questions on original sin?
January 2014 Was my RCIA instructor wrong in saying we should not call Jesus, Father?
January 2014 What is the fate of a person who has never heard the Gospel and never had a chance to believe?
January 2014 If I was told something was a mortal sin, but forgot it was a mortal sin, was it still one later?
January 2014 When does a sin, that would normally be venial, become a mortal sin?
January 2014 Is acting on an impulsive a mortal sin even though you asked God for help ahead of time?
January 2014 Where do the souls of aborted babies go?
January 2014 Is there any place where the Church admits She is not totally correct about God and His Will?
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