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August 2014 Since polygenism seems more plausible than monogenism, how does Christianity hold together?
August 2014 If I sin will it cause an accident somewhere else in the world even if it's done in private?
August 2014 What does not having strange gods before me mean and is it a sin if you could pray but don't?
August 2014 If Jesus is God's Only Son, and we are all God's children in His Image, are we all girls?
August 2014 What happens if I lie to someone and I have not yet confessed to them that I have lied?
August 2014 If our sins have already been forgiven in the sacrament of Confession, how will God judge us?
August 2014 Can you answer questions on the Particular and Final Judgments and what about these accounts?
August 2014 Can you answer some questions on the nature of a human person and the Eucharist?
April 2014 What does the Church have to say to members who are not against gay marriage?
April 2014 Why is my teacher and the Catholic Catechism teaching the most evilest thing I can imagine?
April 2014 Does the Church require me to tell her that her relationship and birth control are wrong?
April 2014 What is the morality behind playing these add-on components to video games?
April 2014 From the Catholic perspective, what is the difference between sin and crime?
April 2014 Since experts cannot identify this violin, is it possible that God created this actual object?
April 2014 Did other species of humans, like Neanderthals, have souls?
April 2014 What is the Catholic view of Limbo: Has it been abolished or is it still a doctrine of the Church?
April 2014 Why do we pray to Mary and the saints if the Bible tells us we should have no other Gods?
April 2014 What is the greater sin: a pedophile priest or a divorced Catholic that remarries?
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