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Posting date Questions
August 2015 Why does the Church refer to angels as saints when I thought only humans could be saints?
August 2015 How do I interpret 'the instrument' in this statement from the document Dominus Iesus?
August 2015 According to the Church, did God create death or was it created by either sin or the devil?
August 2015 Can you believe in evolution and still be a faithful Catholic who believes in Genesis?
August 2015 Why would God take immortality from us after we have sinned and how could a sinless Mary die?
August 2015 What the relationship and will a Trappist monk have the same joy in Heaven at a prayerful nurse?
June 2015 If sin subjective, how do we objectively know if our culpability is mortal or not?
June 2015 Isn't faith subjective to the individual while science is universal?
June 2015 How do you know if a specific action is right or wrong?
June 2015 How does God discipline us for our sins and do the consequences of our sin effect our actions?
June 2015 How can we still proclaim that we will become God when this is so frighteningly presumptive?
June 2015 Are we still considered Catholic if we don't believe in Hell?
June 2015 Does the Church still believe the doctrinal statements of the Council of Trent?
June 2015 If I disagree with one of the Church's teachings, does that mean I am no longer Catholic?
June 2015 Can you clarify Catholic beliefs and practices that are preventing me from joining the Church?
June 2015 What is the Passover?
January 2015 What is your opinion on my views about Catholic anthropology and the Trinity?
January 2015 As a Catholic, is it OK to go through Jesus to God in everything instead of calling on the saints?
January 2015 Will I sin if I work at a place where they lie on their taxes in order not to pay a lot of taxes?
January 2015 Why is Jesus called the Son of Man?
January 2015 When we go to Heaven, do our souls reside side-by-side with the angels?
January 2015 If God does answer prayers, under what circumstances or situations might He intervene?
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