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Posting date Questions
August 2017 Are these type of birthmarks bad and reflective or being the devil's daughter or something similar?
August 2017 Can you comment on my Protestant view of predestination and contrast it with the Catholic view?
August 2017 Is it possible to obsess over God and, if so, is it a bad thing?
April 2017 If Christianity is all about forgiveness, why couldn't God forgive Satan instead of trashing him?
April 2017 If you sin using God's name in vain, (a mortal sin), how can there be two types of sins?
January 2017 How do you know for certain that Jesus is the Son of God and not just another good prophet?
January 2017 Is Ransoming the Captives a corporal work of Mercy?
January 2017 When a loved one dies tragically does that mean they weren't being watched over by God?
January 2017 Can you answer some questions related to the cosmological argument for the existence of God?
January 2017 Is it not possible that any man or woman when they get to Heaven will also feel vices?
January 2017 Should I be a creationist or a evolutionist and isn't it inconsistent to marry God with Evolution?
August 2016 Would it be a mortal sin if I read something and almost sinned, seeing I briefly looked for more?
August 2016 Would spirits going to Heaven ruin the point of the Resurrection and do these words replace Hell?
August 2016 Is vanity a mortal sin when taken to this extent and, if not, when is it a mortal sin?
August 2016 Since God can decide when someone dies, can satan also choose when someone dies?
January 2016 What is meant by the Transfiguration?
January 2016 Can you help a Catholic falling toward Deism with teachings like the Trinity and Real Presence?
January 2016 Can you chime in on this debate over whether it is actually okay to love oneself?
January 2016 Is my departed mother so enthralled with God that she has forgotten me and my earthly life?
January 2016 Why does the Church reject emanationism and Platonism in favor of ex nihilo and Aristotelianism?
January 2016 Instead of God, why couldn't there be something that was inanimate that was also not contingent?
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