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Posting date Questions
April 2011 Who baptized John the Baptist?
April 2011 Do these scientific [beliefs|theories] debunk my beliefs and faith?
April 2011 I have some questions about Zeitgeist: Greatest Story Ever Told.
April 2011 Is the order called Apostles of Infinite Love a legitimate Catholic order?
April 2011 Did Martin Luther on his death bed request that a Catholic priest give him his Last Rites?
April 2011 How can both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches have the same saints?
April 2011 How do I respond to the immorality of the clergy and similar people in our Church?
April 2011 Can the Old Catholic Church trace its roots back to Peter?
April 2011 Can you tell me where this miracle happened and if there is a book written on the miracle?
April 2011 When God created Adam, and then Eve from his rib, was this a homo sapien man?
April 2011 Can a Catholic teacher work at a religious school that is not Catholic?
April 2011 How can someone claim to belong to a certain faith yet act in a contradictory manner?
April 2011 Is there any truth to these rumors about the end of the world being near?
April 2011 In what century was the Catholic Church "known as" or given the actual title "Catholic Church?
January 2011 On Catholic Doors, mortal sin and ones salvation.
January 2011 What am I obligated to do as a baptized Protestant?
January 2011 Why do people become atheists and what could I say to my friends that mock me for my faith?
January 2011 What is the Church's view on Charismatic Catholics?
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