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Posting date Questions
January 2012 How can those who allow women pastors, gay clergy, and lack the sacraments be Christians?
January 2012 Is the rule that vows of chastity can only be dispensed by the Pope in limited cases still in effect?
January 2012 Why is the Syro Malabar Church called such?
January 2012 Can you help me answer these questions for my Muslim friends?
January 2012 Can you provide the origins of Catholic school districts opening their doors to non-Catholics?
January 2012 Can you tell me if my favorite pop celebrities are Catholics? It would be awesome if they were.
August 2011 Can an overweight or obese person still be considered a Roman Catholic?
August 2011 Are Catholics more united to Methodists than other Christian denominations?
August 2011 How many Catholics there are in each country, particularly in Vietnam?
August 2011 Can you tell me what you like about Roman Catholicism?
August 2011 How can I know when Judgment Day is coming?
August 2011 Based on the story in Genesis, how long were the first two days?
August 2011 What comes first, Jesus' Return or the Rapture?
August 2011 Can a Catholic receive the communion and wine distributed at a Methodist Sunday service?
August 2011 Could you shed some light on this attack and who Ian Paisley is?
August 2011 Why is the Church so wealthy when Jesus tells us to sell all our possessions and give to the poor?
August 2011 Where does the phrase, "God helps those who help themselves." come from?
August 2011 Can people be saved during the tribulation period?
August 2011 Is it wrong for me to read the Dalai Lama's writings or follow him on Face book?
August 2011 What does kissing your hand in a fist-like manner after making the Sign of the Cross symbolize?
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