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Posting date Questions
April 2012 Coming from a Hindu background and philosophy of Monism, what is the self in Christianity?
April 2012 What can you tell me about Luke Timothy Johnson, a former Benedictine monk?
April 2012 Can someone who is a religious brother participate in secular activities as long it is shared?
April 2012 What St. Thomas saying in his "Summa" on the angels and demons and is this Church teaching?
April 2012 Did the Catholic Church forbid people to bathe during the era of the bubonic plague?
January 2012 Is the designation or title of Catholic theologian a formal investiture?
January 2012 How do you become an Apologist for the Catholic Church, and how do you make a living?
January 2012 How do I answer these Catholic questions from a Muslim friend of mine?
January 2012 Why do Cardinals and some Monsignors wear the color vestments that they do?
January 2012 How do we address a Bishop when speaking to him?
January 2012 Is there such a thing as a married couple, who can also be consecrated virgins?
January 2012 What exactly is the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church(s)?
January 2012 What does the Church say about the desert fathers and mothers and those who are not monks?
January 2012 Can Catholics celebrate Halloween by trick or treating and parties?
January 2012 How can those who allow women pastors, gay clergy, and lack the sacraments be Christians?
January 2012 Is the rule that vows of chastity can only be dispensed by the Pope in limited cases still in effect?
January 2012 Why is the Syro Malabar Church called such?
January 2012 Can you help me answer these questions for my Muslim friends?
January 2012 Can you provide the origins of Catholic school districts opening their doors to non-Catholics?
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