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Posting date Questions
August 2012 How were these Catholic groups formed in the Church?
August 2012 Is this normal for a Catholic Charismatic Renewal congregation?
August 2012 How and why do we recognize such churches when their teachings disagree doctrinally with us?
August 2012 Are the Jesuits a secret society and if so, why?
August 2012 Why are the Jewish people hated for the death of Jesus, when His death was necessary?
August 2012 Can I judge people who call themselves Christians, but are hypocritical?
August 2012 What are the major differences between Catholics and Pentecostals?
August 2012 I was wondering are there any web sites that offer free prayer requests and petitions?
August 2012 If salvation is for all, then why can't mediums, psychics, and those who profess Magic be saved?
April 2012 What are the requirements for Episcopalians who wish to join the Roman Catholic faith?
April 2012 How or in what form will Jesus return and could Tim Tebow be a chosen one to spread the Word?
April 2012 What do Catholics believe about Adam and Eve and was their sin redeemed by Jesus?
April 2012 Can you answer these questions on the end times and where will Jesus go after His Return?
April 2012 What are the official Church teachings on Charismatic issues and the charismatic gifts?
April 2012 What is an archabbey, do they get founded as archabbeys, and how do they differ from an abbey?
April 2012 What is the best way to respond to those who say women should have more power in the Church?
April 2012 Can you explain the purposes of these organizations and if any are still active?
April 2012 Do you know how to get to this Shrine and is it as special as they say it is?
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