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Posting date Questions
April 2013 Do I have a correct understanding of what Charismatic Protestants believe about tongues?
April 2013 Based on the messages from Maria Divine Mercy, will I be this age forever in the New Paradise?
April 2013 Can you tell me if any popes during the Inquisition ever spoke out against the Inquisition?
January 2013 Will the Catholic Church allow members to be Freemasons?
January 2013 I am a young Catholic who would like to answer your call for helping out on your web site.
January 2013 Can you please send me the official Catholic position on Dispensational theology?
January 2013 What church has members that wear such clothing?
January 2013 What differences remain between the Orthodox Church and ours and what's the Pope's view?
January 2013 If someone does a good service for us and what do you consider an Act of God?
January 2013 What role did Joseph, the son of Jacob, play in the history of salvation?
January 2013 Did Martin Luther leave the Catholic Church because the pope denied his request to marry?
January 2013 Is there a Methodist Catholic Church somewhere in the United States?
January 2013 What are your views on the Vatican, the Jesuits, Opus Dei, the Illuminati, and Freemasons?
January 2013 How do the youth believe in God today?
January 2013 Are Mormons Christians?
January 2013 All of the signs have been prophesied in the Bible, so what should we be praying for?
January 2013 How can Catholic Religious sisters address the Democratic Convention while supporting this?
January 2013 I am so very angry at Obama's election, how do I get help for this anger?
January 2013 How did the Church view the theory or concept of the New Age Indigo children?
January 2013 Is the gift of emotions a gift and, if so, could I have it?
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