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Posting date Questions
January 2014 What are the basic differences between the Catholic Church and the First Church of God?
August 2013 What response or what Scriptures can I use when someone says, God knows what's in my heart?
August 2013 As a Roman rite Catholic, when I married my Byzantine rite husband, did I change my rite?
August 2013 Why is The Last Temptation by Nikos Kazantzakis included in the Index of Prohibited Books?
August 2013 What is the Catholic Church's belief on whether babies are born with a homosexual tendency?
August 2013 What are the vows a Carmelite takes?
August 2013 Why is the Catholic Church silent on faith healer hucksters outside the Church?
August 2013 Can you show me where in the Bible Muhammad quotes the Bible in the Quran?
August 2013 Why do Catholics assume that Muslims do not believe in Jesus when Jesus is clearly a Prophet?
August 2013 Can a psychic or medium serve God in a good way and is it dangerous to be obsessed with God?
August 2013 Did the Pope really give recognition to, and knight, this charlatan, john of god?
April 2013 Why was this the tradition during the Jewish Passover and how do Jews and Muslims view Jesus?
April 2013 Is Abraham my father and is Catholicism close to Islam?
April 2013 With regard to Muslims, how does the Vatican II square with what previous popes have said?
April 2013 What are the differences between what Catholics believe and distinct Protestant congregations?
April 2013 Do you know if there is a database of religious brothers and sisters from various orders?
April 2013 Are there any religious orders that don't require a vow of chastity and allow brothers to marry?
April 2013 I have a correction regarding your comment of Jesus' final return, and the rapture of the faithful.
April 2013 If the Masons are considered occult why aren't the Knight's of Columbus or St. John also occult?
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