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Posting date Questions
April 2014 If an individual is a prisoner of war, can he receive Holy Communion by blessing some bread?
April 2014 Was this just a character in Stigmata or was there really someone named Alameda back then?
April 2014 Does the Catholic Church believe in aliens and are they trying to convince everyone they exist?
April 2014 When Jesus was on the Cross why did He say: Father, Why have you forsaken me?
April 2014 Can you answer some questions on William Tyndale, Revelation 13, and Jesus' birthday?
April 2014 Are Anglicans closer to Catholics than what I have been lead to believe and what's your opinion?
January 2014 How can the Catholic Church be sure that someone is suffering from diabolical possession?
January 2014 Can you help me with a Jesus profile addressing what He would do if He were alive today?
January 2014 Why would God choose to keep the believers at sea during the End Times and not inland?
January 2014 Can you explain the Catholic Church's teaching on Islam and how do I deal with cultural issues?
January 2014 Are groups like the Job's Daughters, Eastern Star, and Rainbow girls subject to these canons?
January 2014 Has the Church historically given an unequal status to women and degraded them?
January 2014 What is the Vatican's position on a man marrying a transman?
January 2014 What are the basic differences between the Catholic Church and the First Church of God?
August 2013 What response or what Scriptures can I use when someone says, God knows what's in my heart?
August 2013 As a Roman rite Catholic, when I married my Byzantine rite husband, did I change my rite?
August 2013 Why is The Last Temptation by Nikos Kazantzakis included in the Index of Prohibited Books?
August 2013 What is the Catholic Church's belief on whether babies are born with a homosexual tendency?
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