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Posting date Questions
June 2015 Can someone be a member in good standing at both the Catholic and Coptic Orthodox Churches?
June 2015 How can these so-called past life events have really happened and how do Catholics explain these?
June 2015 Why are images and statues, sacred images and can you help me understand the Holy Inquisition?
June 2015 How do I reply to my sister-in-law's resentfulness that the Catholic Church is so rich?
June 2015 What does being Catholic mean and what beliefs bar someone from being a Roman Catholic?
June 2015 How can some Catholics deny that climate change is real if the pope says humans are the cause?
June 2015 What should I do I feel called to do missionary work but would not be able to get to Mass?
June 2015 Why is the Church all up in arms against the LGBT?
January 2015 How can I discern whether a Life Science company is faithful to what I believe as a Catholic?
January 2015 Does the Church recognize the testimony of those that have claimed to have visited Hell?
January 2015 Why does it seem that the Crucifixion is more important for the Church than the Resurrection?
January 2015 What is your view on preachers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers; should we listen to them?
January 2015 In lieu of the Amish view, could explain what "in the world, but not of it" means for Catholics?
January 2015 How is an Apostolic Nuncio to a country selected and why is he usually a foreigner to that land?
January 2015 Would they effectively be Eastern Catholic because their father was Eastern Orthodox?
January 2015 How do I respond to the claim that the story of Jesus was stolen from Egyptian and Indian gods?
January 2015 Are the bishops of each diocese responsible for the pastoral care of Catholics and non-Catholics?
January 2015 Can you explain why Catholic High Schools do not accept children of parents who can't pay?
January 2015 Why don't Catholic parishes ever have functions for single, lost people in their 30's?
January 2015 What is the Church's position on healers and what are the guidelines that a healer is valid?
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