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Posting date Questions
April 2013 Are my wife's former indiscretions with an ordained minister considered an unforgivable sin?
April 2013 Is it possible to have my previous 5-month marriage annulled, and if so, how long would it take?
April 2013 What are the issues joining the Church when my wife is Jewish and she has previous marriages?
April 2013 Because of our marital histories and his criminal record can I follow this call to join the Church?
April 2013 If we have been civilly married but not sacramentally married is sexual activity allowed?
April 2013 If at this time, I don't wish to become a Catholic, what can I do to have our marriage blessed?
April 2013 Because I didn't have enough money to get married in the Church, am I still a Catholic plus?
April 2013 What problems will I run into trying to get back into the Church and getting married there?
April 2013 Why see a priest if I don't divorce, because as long as I'm living in sin, I can never be forgiven?
January 2013 Not being a Catholic, what are the consequences if we marry outside of the Church?
January 2013 Are there any Catholic support groups for teens of divorce in the Houston, Texas area?
January 2013 Can he have (his and his girlfriend's) baby baptized, if he's still married but separated?
January 2013 Do the two of us have to spend life alone because of other people's choices?
January 2013 Will we be allowed to marry in a Catholic Church if my sons haven't been baptized?
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