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Posting date Questions
January 2015 Because of his bad Church experience, is there a way we can validly marriage outside the Church?
January 2015 Is there anyone I can contact to make my annulment process go faster?
January 2015 Are there alternatives that would avoid me from re-hashing all this personal, marital information?
January 2015 Can I receive Communion, remarry, or date since my divorce or would I need an annulment first?
January 2015 What is the best way to approach this situation seeing this is seen as a normal situation nowadays?
January 2015 What does he do if he feels he is not being given a fair shot by the Marriage Tribunal?
January 2015 In this situation, if I am granted an annulment, will we be free to marry in the Catholic Church?
January 2015 What should my attitude and behavior be if I don't approve but don't want to be coercive?
August 2014 What are your thoughts on this situation and can he still be a good Catholic and date my mom?
August 2014 Is the marriage of a lapsed Catholic who joined the Jehovah Witness valid and what can I do?
August 2014 As a lapse re-married Catholic with a long marital history and other issues can I fix this situation?
August 2014 Why does the Church assist people in irregular marriages yet not allow them the sacraments?
August 2014 If I was married by a priest who was latter laicized, is my marriage still valid?
August 2014 What is the validity of our civil marriage if, against my wishes, my husband becomes a Catholic?
August 2014 How can someone be married in the Church again after having three children by different fathers?
August 2014 Is my first husband's proclivity for other men a valid reason to grant an annulment?
August 2014 If my spouse doesn't believe in the Papacy, how do I get him to fill out the annulment paperwork?
August 2014 Given this background, what is needed for our future marriage to be recognized by the Church?
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