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Posting date Questions
June 2015 Will being a divorced parent, considering converting, avoid us from being married in the Church?
June 2015 If I no longer feel the Church has authority over my marriage and family, how should we proceed?
June 2015 Is an annulment viable based on her infidelity so he can convert and we can marry in the Church?
June 2015 If Mormon baptism is not recognized why am I required to complete this form and wait 6 months?
June 2015 If we were not married in the Church, is it a valid marriage and can we marry without a wedding?
June 2015 In this case, would a divorced Protestant need an annulment to marry a Catholic in the Church?
June 2015 Married and divorced once, is he considered married and, if so, could he annul the marriage?
June 2015 Can I receive Holy Communion before I get my marriage to a non-Catholic blessed by the Church?
June 2015 Does being divorced and remarried multiply times prevent me from being a Catholic?
June 2015 Can I receive these sacraments without an annulment from my previous Catholic marriage?
June 2015 What happens if a Catholic woman marries a divorced man who has not received a annulment?
June 2015 Can a former Catholic who converted to Islam marriage my Catholic friend in the Church?
June 2015 Why am I being rejected from joining the Church because my husband was previously married?
June 2015 Since divorce, not divorce and remarriage, is grave matter, isn't a Catholic divorcing a mortal sin?
January 2015 Will this allow me to get confirmed and married while cohabiting and can I marry an atheist?
January 2015 Do we still have to pursue an annulment if my wife's first husband just recently died?
January 2015 For this 19-year-old, Is her marriage sacramental or not and would she need an annulment?
January 2015 How would two Catholics not married in the Church, return, and have their marriage validated?
January 2015 If I have been married before and had children, can I still become a Catholic?
January 2015 Is an annulment needed or can one Pagan leave another Pagan behind for a new Catholic life?
January 2015 Is it a sin to consider this union since his mother is a shaman?
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