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Posting date Questions
September 2009 Is sleep masturbation a sin and is it a serious-enough sin that I should go to Confession?
October 2008 Can you help me in a play I'm writing by telling me the type of questions priests ask in Confession?
October 2008 If someone is living in sin are they allowed to go to Confession?
July 2008 Seeing I struggle with homosexuality and am new to Church ways, did I do my penance correctly?
July 2008 When Catholics confess to a Catholic priest are they directly confessing to God?
April 2008 Is Confession needed if I went to a communal penance service but didn't note leaving the Church?
November 2007 Can you answer a few questions from a seeking Christian concerning Penance/Confession?
November 2007 Who actually forgives my sins in Confession: God, the priest, or do the two just agree?
April 2007 What makes a sacrament, a sacrament and how do Confession and Reconciliation differ?
April 2006 Can you give me the Catholic view of John 20:22-23 and how a priest can forgive people's sins?
June 2005 So why would I ask God to forgive, as I forgive, when the best I can do is forgive imperfectly?
April 2005 Can a priest break the seal of Confession like when a penitent is a serial molester?
April 2005 Can a Hindu confess his sins to a priest, not to communicate with God, but for moral guidance?
April 2005 Why does Catholic doctrine acknowledge confession of sins to a priest?
November 2003 Is severe penance right or wrong and are there accepted methods in the Church?
November 2003 Could you explain to me the development of the sacrament of Penance?
November 2000 Can you help me to understand what confessing to a priest does, when only God can forgive sins?
November 2000 Can you defend the Church's interpretation of John 20:19-23 on confessing your sins to a priest?
August 2000 At the final judgment, will we be responsible for the sins we mentioned in Confession?
August 2000 Which sacrament should our second graders receive first: Penance or First Holy Communion?
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