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Posting date Questions
August 2010 What should I do if I'm a little scrupulous and still feel guilty about my sins after Confession?
August 2010 What should I do if I am having a hard time being contrite for my mortal sins in Confession?
August 2010 Is it really true that Catholics can continually sin as long as they repent to a priest in Confession?
April 2010 Can a Confessor require the penitent to turn themselves in as a condition for absolution?
April 2010 If a Catholic is married from a civil ceremony, can they still receive the sacrament of Penance?
April 2010 Does my mother have to go to Confession since she is still having home health care in her house?
April 2010 If I can ask God to forgive my sins, why do I need to go to Confession?
January 2010 Is the 'Urbi et Orbi' Blessing also enriched with an absolution as one would receive in Confession?
January 2010 Can you resolve my doubts about confessing to a priest, rather than confessing directly to God?
January 2010 How does one write a statement of repentance, if divorce is grounds for an excommunication?
January 2010 Seeing I have never been to Confession before, can you answer a few questions I have?
January 2010 Can an Anglican minister validly hear his Confession and really absolve him of his sins?
September 2009 How do I handle shameful sins in Confession where the priest knows me and my voice is known?
September 2009 Is it proper for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Mass to be celebrated at the same time?
September 2009 Where does the Church get the authority to have its members confess their sins to a priest?
September 2009 How do I discern whether I am consenting to these thoughts and need to confess them?
May 2009 If you don't state the number of times you commit a sin, is the Confession invalid?
May 2009 Since I haven't been to Church in a while, should I go to Confession before receiving Communion?
February 2009 What should I do if I'm having difficulty with a big sin and know I'm still going to commit it again?
February 2009 If a person mentions in Confession that he uses contraception, does canon law set a punishment?
February 2009 Can you help me with my novel by telling me what priestly penance would be set for this criminal?
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