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Posting date Questions
January 2012 How can a Catholic "Father" forgives someone of their sins, when only "God the Father" can?
January 2012 Can you guide me on how to correctly confess to stealing or shoplifting something?
January 2012 Can I change a promise to God or a penance the priest gave me in Confession to something else?
August 2011 If we are forgiven all our venial sins when we receive the Eucharist, why go to Confession?
August 2011 If I don't say how many times I committed a sin in Confession, am I still forgiven?
August 2011 Does Confession to a priest conflict with Ephesians 5 and do Catholics accept different Bibles?
August 2011 Since I go to Confession at least twice a week, I was wondering if there is a Confession hot line?
August 2011 How does unconfessed, grave sin by the Catholic clergy, effect the validity of the Sacraments?
August 2011 The Seal of Confession: How accountable is the priest and is this morally justifiable?
April 2011 What are the responsibilities of a Catholic that has been forgiven of their sins in Reconciliation?
April 2011 Is it necessary to confess our premarital extracurricular activities to our family and friends?
April 2011 Does the priest have to wear his stole for a sacrament to be valid?
April 2011 If I go to Confession, will I be thrown out of the church because I'm a marginal Catholic?
January 2011 Should I confess negative thoughts and wouldn't a married priesthood increase vocations?
January 2011 If I forgot a big sin; do I still have to confess it?
January 2011 Are priests allowed to tell anyone your sins even if they were really bad ones?
January 2011 If all Christians are going to the same place, why complicate it with Confession?
January 2011 Is restitution is a must for a pardon and the forgiveness of sins?
January 2011 Does this Catholic Canon allow a Protestant to go to Confession?
January 2011 As part of receiving a plenary indulgence, is a general absolution good enough?
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