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Posting date Questions
August 2012 When you go to Confession, do you have to confess every sin you can think of to the priest?
August 2012 Is it true that some Catholic churches hear Confessions over the phone and are they as effective?
August 2012 How do I respond to those who say the Act of Contrition teaches that God is a God of fear?
August 2012 Why don't priests require penitents to turn themselves in, if Romans 13:4 says otherwise?
August 2012 If the penitent sins, in thought, against their Confessor and withholds it, is the Confession valid
August 2012 Can the priest refuse to absolve the sin of a criminal or require that he turn himself in?
August 2012 Are priests allowed to hear the Confession of non-Catholics or even candidates of the Church?
April 2012 Because I've been concerned about my recent Confessions, should ask for a general Confession?
April 2012 Can sins of incest be forgiven in the Roman Catholic Confession?
April 2012 What is the best way to confess pirating computer software and games?
April 2012 If I cannot get to Confession because there is no Church were I live, would I go to Hell?
April 2012 Are we forgiven all our sins in Confession, even those we didn't think were sins a long time ago?
April 2012 If I know something is a sin, but keep doing it, then ask God to forgive me, will He forgive me?
April 2012 What does it mean to be released from 30 days of penance?
January 2012 I'm afraid to go to Confession since it has been so long; can you tell me what is in store for me?
January 2012 If you confess mortals sins in Confession but didn't state the number of times, are you forgiven?
January 2012 Why do we have to go to Confession, when we can privately repent and have God forgive us?
January 2012 Can I have a general Confession with a priest or pastor or would have to agree to it first?
January 2012 What is an acceptable Confession and do my friends have the correct disposition for Confession?
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