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Posting date Questions
August 2013 If I feel true remorse for my mortal sins, do I still confess them in the sacrament of Confession?
August 2013 Can you tell me what a priest would do in this situation for a novel I am writing?
August 2013 If I have found my faith and repudiated my homosexual lifestyle, how do I tell this to a priest?
August 2013 How do I confess that I've had premarital sex for five years with my girlfriend using condoms?
August 2013 Do I have to pay everything back in full or should I just be obedient to what the priest told me?
August 2013 Am I in a state of grace and what if I forgot to mention a mortal sin from a long time ago?
August 2013 How do I handle having stress, anxiety, and even physical pain after leaving the Confessional?
August 2013 Is it normal to receive a different penance in Confession like a Rosary, Novena and/or Chaplet?
August 2013 How do we go about confessing sexual sins dealing with married people?
August 2013 What should I do if I go to a different Confessor who tells me not to mention those sins again?
August 2013 Can you clarify the subjective nature of full knowledge and full consent related to mortal sins?
August 2013 Did my attitude, hesitation, or manipulation with the truth invalidate my Confession?
August 2013 If one living in sin, confesses their sins, but can't recall all of them, are they still forgiven?
April 2013 Why see a priest if I don't divorce, because as long as I'm living in sin, I can never be forgiven?
April 2013 What does a Catholic do who receives different priestly counsel in Confession on masturbation?
January 2013 Why do I still feel so guilty if I confessed everything?
January 2013 If someone confessed to a priest that they murdered someone, what would that priest do?
January 2013 After further reflecting on my previous Confessions, should I re-confess my sins?
January 2013 Is acknowledging the heinousness of one's sins and having a desire to confess them sufficient?
January 2013 Would intentional vagueness in describing a sin in Confession render the Confession invalid?
August 2012 After a series of trying to made a good Confession but lying in them, are my sins absolved?
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