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Questions about the Sacrament of Marriage
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Posting date Questions
September 2009 Under what circumstances is a marriage valid [and/or] sacramental?
May 2009 Are their special exceptions where married men with families can become Catholic priests?
May 2009 Am I really married if a Saint Pius X priest, who had no jurisdiction from the bishop, married us?
May 2009 Is oral sex a sin when done during a love making session?
May 2009 If two baptized Catholics married outside the Church, how do we have our marriage recognized?
May 2009 Does the Catholic Church recognize this marriage or do I need to seek an annulment?
May 2009 Is there any way I can receive the sacraments again even if he refuses to get an annulment?
May 2009 What should I do if my husband's desire for a divorce was not my preference or what I wanted?
May 2009 Since my daughter is married but wants her marriage blessed, what is the wedding service like?
May 2009 In preparation for marriage, do I have to go to Confession at the Church where my wedding is
May 2009 If you know you are going marry a person, why is sexual activity wrong before marriage?
May 2009 Given this visa background, can we apply for some blessing though my husband is not Catholic?
May 2009 Is it a sin to love and eventually marry my second cousin?
May 2009 Can Catholics not married in faith receive Holy Communion?
May 2009 Can I marry a lapsed Jehovah's Witness in the Church with Her blessings?
May 2009 Will a transplant prevent me from getting married and what are your thoughts on my relationship?
May 2009 From the Church's view, how wrong is it to live together and have children without being married?
February 2009 Can I be married in the Church if I haven't received my First Communion, nor Confirmation?
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