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Questions about the Sacrament of Marriage
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Posting date Questions
April 2013 If the priest who witnessed our marriage left the priesthood is our marriage null and void?
April 2013 Are there Biblical quotes that substantiate that Jesus instituted the sacrament of Matrimony?
April 2013 If I haven't received my First Communion or been to church in a while, can we still get married?
April 2013 With these family issues and judgments, would the Church marry us even if I don't convert?
April 2013 Is it wrong to exchange a blessed engagement ring?
April 2013 What are the requirements for the disparity of cult and how long will it take before securing one?
April 2013 If I can't get my baptismal certificate, will I be able to redo my sacraments before my marriage?
April 2013 If we have been civilly married but not sacramentally married is sexual activity allowed?
April 2013 Is it possible to be married both the Catholic way and Hindu way so I can please my parents?
January 2013 What is the teaching on attending a wedding of a relative not getting married in the Church?
January 2013 Can you answer some questions from a Lutheran woman preparing to marry a Catholic man?
January 2013 What will her faith impose upon her if she marries a baptized man considering the Church?
January 2013 Why can't Catholics marry outdoors when we have Masses outdoors and why is the Pope crucial?
January 2013 Is it possible to get married in the Catholic Church without my future Muslim wife converting?
January 2013 What if my nephew married a woman, but she will not let him touch her in the marital sense?
January 2013 Are there any statistics on the effects on Marriage when only one spouse goes to church?
January 2013 Can I marry a Muslim man if he is willing to marry in the Catholic Church?
January 2013 What are the required documents needed for a disparity of cult and how long will it take?
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