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Posting date Questions
April 2005 Is a divorced Christian permitted to partake in the Eucharist?
April 2005 If he believes in the Real Presence, why can't he receive communion at their communion service?
April 2005 Is this priest validly celebrating the Mass and is he allowed to sit with the congregation?
April 2005 Do we literally become the Body and Blood of Christ when we receive Holy Communion?
November 2003 Can Transubstantiation and transmutation be used interchangeably?
November 2003 Where I can find a Vatican document on how to receive Holy Communion?
October 2002 Why can't my Protestant husband receive Holy Communion in my Catholic Church?
October 2002 Because I don't remember hearing the word, can you please tell me what intinction is?
October 2002 Does it matter how we receive Communion and are there instances when one way is required?
October 2002 Where can I find the writings of the Early Church so I can show him the Church goes back to Peter?
November 2000 Is consuming the consecrated Host (the Eucharist) permissible for one who is a vegetarian?
November 2000 Should Catholics attend Protestant services where communion is received within their community?
November 2000 Can you give me a legitimate source on the Church's view toward Intinction during Communion?
November 2000 What should I do if both my bishop and pastor see Adoration in conflict with Church theology?
November 2000 Can the priest receive the Eucharist from an Extraordinary Minister after the parish has received?
August 2000 Do Catholics partake in cannibalism when they partake in the Eucharist or Real Presence?
August 2000 Which sacrament should our second graders receive first: Penance or First Holy Communion?
August 2000 What is your view on Kennedy distributing Communion to members of his family with a priest?
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