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Posting date Questions
April 2013 Can we baptize my son the Coptic church and get a further blessing as in the Catholic Church?
April 2013 Will we be able to have all our children baptized in the Catholic Church, though I'm not Catholic?
April 2013 Is there something else that I can do to re-accept my Baptism after privately renounced it?
January 2013 How do I becoming a Catholic and do I need to be baptized for my children to be baptized?
January 2013 Since I have discovered my family background is Catholic, can my children become Catholic?
January 2013 If I'm asked to sponsor someone for Baptism, am I wrong to refuse if they are not sincere?
January 2013 Would my husband's personal beliefs or actions interfere with me becoming Catholic?
January 2013 In order for me to be baptized, after completing the RCIA, do I have to have an annulment?
January 2013 My husband would like to join the Church, but he wants no contact with his former spouse?
January 2013 What can we do if we have no practicing Catholics nearby for our daughter's Baptism?
January 2013 Based on my spiritual journey and marital history, can I return to the Catholic faith?
January 2013 If a person has been baptized and believes in the Eucharist, why can't they receive before RCIA?
January 2013 Without partaking in Communion am I condemned for all eternity?
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