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Posting date Questions
April 2014 Is rebaptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost necessary to join the Church?
April 2014 What should I do if I chose a spiritually weak Godmother when there were no better choices?
April 2014 Should I tell her what I did when she was an infant and is another baptism needed?
April 2014 Would it be so wrong to baptize my children in both the Catholic and Greek Orthodox Church?
April 2014 Should my wife be the Godmother when my brother-in-law is not committed to the faith?
April 2014 Are there any cases that would allow me to expunge his name from the Baptismal records?
April 2014 Do the Godparents of a child have to be married to each other or can one be single?
January 2014 Can a baby be baptized in the Catholic faith if neither parent has made their First Communion?
January 2014 Can non-Catholics baptize others and be godparents if my close family members are poor choices?
January 2014 When only one parent is Catholic will my child be able to be baptized into the Catholic Church?
January 2014 What are the rules for Baptisms performed in a hotel room in a Communist country?
January 2014 What if I have committed a mortal sin but because I'm not Catholic yet, can't go to Confession?
January 2014 What if I was baptized, but don't have the baptismal certificate the priest wants for RCIA class?
January 2014 Although we understand why we can't be accepted, why does she have to wait until she is 13?
January 2014 What happens if I cannot provide proof of my Confirmation so I can be a Baptismal sponsor?
August 2013 Can my husband and I baptize our nephew though we were not married in the Church?
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