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Posting date Questions
October 2002 Can you tell me how I can get one of those written Papal blessings?
October 2002 Was Pope Pius XII Hitler's Pope and is this book an untold story or is this Adventist propaganda?
October 2002 Will you be posting the document from the Church on Her rejection of Church equality?
October 2002 Can you help me find the Act of Pardon made by Pope John Paul II in March of 2000?
October 2002 How could Pope Alexander VI have been infallible or even lucid in Church doctrines?
How do Catholics view the recently-completed pilgrimage of the Pope to the Holy Land?
November 2000 Which Pope(s) convened and closed Vatican II and can you tell me about the last five Popes?
November 2000 How do Catholics view the recent pilgrimage of the Pope John Paul II to the Holy Land?
November 2000 Was Pope Alexander VI really a bad pope and are there other bad Popes with bad reputations?
November 2000 Can you help us out with some Papal trivia?
November 2000 Why does the Pope carry around a staff with a very grotesque crucifix on it?
November 2000 How do I respond to the Pope's title Vicarius Filli Dei adding up to 666, the mark of the beast?
August 2000 How can I get a birthday congratulations letter from His Holiness on my mother's 90th birthday?
August 2000 Could you explain what infallibility is and its scope?
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