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Posting date Questions
May 2005 What is the hat the Pope wears on his head?
May 2005 What do I have to do to work in the Vatican and where can I find out about job openings there?
April 2005 Are my views on how sad many Catholics feel about the election of Pope Benedict XVI reasonable?
April 2005 How do I explain Cardinal Law voting for a new Pope and how do I explain priestly celibacy?
April 2005 Can a nominee to the papacy refuse the job?
April 2005 Was the whole Council of Trent infallible or just the moral parts and how do you distinguish them?
April 2005 Why does Catholic doctrine forbid married priests, when Peter was a Pope and was married?
April 2005 Who has the prime authority in Acts 15: St. Peter or St. James?
April 2005 When Christ returns, what does Catholic doctrine say will become of the Pope?
April 2005 Why does Catholic doctrine teach that Peter was the first Pope?
April 2005 Is the Pope's infallibility is a relatively new doctrine?
April 2005 How does a Pope become a Pope and can a layman become a bishop or the Pope?
April 2005 Do the Thuc consecrations require a mandate that needs to be renewed by successive Popes?
April 2005 Where can I read the Encyclicals and Apostolic Letters of the Holy Fathers, past and present?
December 2003 What happens if a priest or even the Pope contracts Alzheimer's or gets Dementia?
November 2003 What is the gift of infallibility?
November 2003 Does the Pope still have the title of "Infallible"?
November 2003 Why doesn't the Pope declare the fetus as a person using his infallible power?
November 2003 Is there a contradiction In The Pope's Encyclical?
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