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Posting date Questions
November 2007 Is the papacy, the beast of Daniel and Revelation, like the Seventh Day Adventist's claim?
November 2007 Who is the Apostolic Delegate for the United States?
November 2007 Did the Office of the Inquisition just change its name and does our current Pope head it?
November 2007 How do I reply to claim that the spirit of the Papacy isn't biblical, meaning humble or Christ-like?
November 2007 What distinction was the Vatican making between the choices and virtues of Pope Pius IX's life?
April 2007 Who is a Christian, why did Jesus Christ established the Church on Peter, and why is he critical?
April 2007 What is the source of authority for the Catholic Church?
April 2007 What is the role of the Vicar General of the Curia and how does he fit into the Church's structure?
April 2007 If the Church understands the mind of God, why did the Pope sign a concordat with Adolf Hitler?
September 2006 Did Pope [Benedict] in his recent address say too much or not enough on Islamic terrorist?
September 2006 Is Peter the rock or the pebble and if you move to a new state, do you have to go through RCIA?
April 2006 How can any Catholic call anyone in your Church a vicar when Jesus is The Only Vicar?
April 2006 If I wrote to Pope Benedict XVI, how long should it be before I receive a response from him?
April 2006 How does someone like John Paul II become the Pope or a bishop and what roles do they have?
April 2006 Who saved the Pope and do Catholics believe in a spirit of Mary, similar to the Holy Spirit?
April 2006 Why did Pope John Paul II kiss the Quran and participate in Buddhist ceremonies?
October 2005 What would be the most realistic and respectful process if we wanted to meet the Pope?
May 2005 What Gregorian chant was played at the Pope's funeral and is there a CD of the funeral?
May 2005 Can I correct your incorrect answer on the official title of the Pope—who is the mark of the beast?
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