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Posting date Questions
May 2009 Can you answer questions on the Eucharist, Clement's use of speech, and Good Friday customs?
May 2009 As an atheist, why would the Pope say condoms don't prevent AIDS when it would save lives?
May 2009 Can bishops of the Church trace their Apostolic Succession back to the Apostles like the Pope?
May 2009 Does the gift of infallibility extend to the Index of Banned Books and why was Galileo's banned?
February 2009 How did the Pope's role come to be, what is the Biblical basis, and why have so many broke away?
February 2009 Why did God create the universe and how do we prove our current Pope holds Jesus' Authority?
February 2009 Why does the Pope accept people's veneration instead of acting like Peter did in Acts 10:25-26?
February 2009 What colors are the Papal flag and who has been responsible for the personal safety of the Pope?
October 2008 Why does Pope Benedict XVI wear red shoes?
October 2008 Does this assertion by my Lutheran husband contradict our Catholic claim of Apostolic Succession?
October 2008 When was the Holy See first established, who started it, and why is it called the Holy See?
October 2008 Can you answer some questions that have bothered me on the Commandments and the Papacy?
July 2008 Can you clarify the duty to assent versus the duty to believe as it pertains to papal infallibility?
July 2008 If we are a Trinitarian Church, why are there only two keys in the coat of arms and if the binding and loosing is one act, why are there two keys on the papal flag?
July 2008 Why was St. Linus called to be Pope when the Apostle John was still alive and what's the mission?
April 2008 Is the Papacy (and Popes) immune from decreeing heresy (or formal errors) in matters of faith?
November 2007 Why is the infallibility of the Church a necessary aspect of the Church's teaching?
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