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Posting date Questions
April 2010 Since you are a Catholic apologist, how would you reply to the letter I sent Pope Benedict?
April 2010 Why is the media in a feeding frenzy against the Church?
April 2010 In light of the lack of action on the clergy sex abuse issues, why doesn't Pope Benedict XVI resign?
April 2010 How do I show my friend that bowing to the Pope is not worship and is praying to the saints wrong?
January 2010 Who was the Pope that abolished priests from marrying and what year did this occur?
January 2010 When the Pope passes on, what happens to the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven?
September 2009 Does an infallible declaration of the Church apply to matters of doctrine as well as discipline?
September 2009 Is the Pope viewed as a modern-day Apostle like St. Peter or St. Paul or does his office differ?
September 2009 After the Great Schism of 1054 A.D., who ended up receiving Apostolic Succession?
September 2009 Is it true that the Pope said in the Vatican newspaper that he believes in the Rapture?
September 2009 Has the Vatican ever stated that eating meat on Friday is a mortal sin barring one from Heaven?
September 2009 Why doesn't the Church give its riches to the poor and why withhold information from the public?
September 2009 Seeing it is my first name, can you tell me the real meaning of the name Sixtus?
May 2009 Is there an official teaching of the Church on what the second beast of Revelation will be?
May 2009 Which Pope said: The Church needs to be more gentle rather than practice severity?
May 2009 What is the Church's view on fertility clinics, in-vitro fertilization, and preserved embryos?
May 2009 Why does Rome recognize Orthodox holy orders as legitimate but deny Anglican orders as valid?
May 2009 How do I get the honor or privilege to have a private audience with the Holy Father?
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