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Posting date Questions
January 2012 What is an acquired right in the context of a priest being dispensed from his vows?
August 2011 Can you help me to understand the Immaculate Conception and the Papal infallibility?
August 2011 Is Pope Benedict XVI, the current Pope, the second to last Pope?
August 2011 Can I get a blessed Rosary from the Vatican and how much would it cost?
April 2011 Is my view of Papal infallibility in line with the Church's Magisterium?
April 2011 In Matthew 16:13-20: "who" does not appear to be on option here, so it must be "what".
April 2011 How do I go about getting a papal blessing for my sister's twenty-fifth wedding anniversary?
January 2011 Is the Holy Father mistaken on this condom issue? I'm confused!
January 2011 When, exactly, is the Pope infallible?
January 2011 If the Bible tells us there is one mediator, who needs a Pope?
January 2011 Does the Church really believe the Pope is God?
January 2011 How do you know if a priest is faithful to the Church and Holy Father?
January 2011 Wouldn't the duties of the Pope require that he take an anti-Donatist line of reasoning?
January 2011 What was Matthew's Gospel written in and was Peter a Rock or little pebble?
January 2011 Why have Popes always come from a white, European background?
January 2011 Are babies born in the Vatican, citizens of the Vatican or of their home country?
August 2010 What is wrong with the main teaching of fundamentalists and why can't the Pope be questioned?
August 2010 Can a defrocked priest still celebrate the sacraments and why is the Pope above the Holy Spirit?
April 2010 Does the Church recognize the Apostolic Succession and sacraments of autonomous churches?
April 2010 Can you answer questions on the Jubilee year and the Pope's ability to communicate with God?
April 2010 If Christianity was established in Antioch, how can the Pope, in Rome, be the successor of Peter?
April 2010 Since I don't blame the Church for the sex abuse scandal, why is my reasoning on this erroneous?
April 2010 Can someone translate the inscription on this medal for me?
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