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Posting date Questions
April 2013 Does the Pope have a spiritual director?
April 2013 Do you think the Catholic Church is coming to an end and what about the prophesy of popes?
April 2013 If the Holy Spirit chooses who sits in the Chair of St. Peter, why has He chosen evil popes?
April 2013 Why is the Pope's ring destroyed when a new Pope is elected?
April 2013 What is the origin of using smoke to indicate whether or not a new pope has been elected?
January 2013 How does one write to the Pope and other Vatican officials?
January 2013 How to get the grievances against this Archbishop and the misbehavior of this priest redressed?
January 2013 Why can't Catholics marry outdoors when we have Masses outdoors and why is the Pope crucial?
January 2013 How would you respond to this Greek Orthodox perspective that papal infallibility doesn't work?
January 2013 What does Luke 9:49 mean in the context of Apostolic Succession?
August 2012 What do those papal numbers after a Pope's first name signify?
August 2012 When does the Church claim infallibility and on what doctrines?
August 2012 Aren't these passages from Isaiah pointing to Jesus rather than the Pope and why burn Bibles?
August 2012 If possible, will you please forward this to someone in the Vatican or to the Pope?
April 2012 From the Vatican: Making the old new: Vatican encourages a recovery of "apologetics".
April 2012 What is the structure of papal authority within the United States?
April 2012 What are the five doctrines that are infallible and how is the Pope and bishop's authority limited?
January 2012 I was wondering what the writing on the front of St. Peter's Basilica translates to in English?
January 2012 Can you tell me how to recognize an ex cathedra statement from the Pope?
January 2012 If the leaders of the Church set poor examples how do Catholics justify their divine authority?
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