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Questions about the Catholic view of Justification and Salvation
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Posting date Questions
September 2009 If the way of salvation is narrow, how can so many Christians be following the correct path?
May 2009 Can you help defend my reply taken from Romans against his view on justification by faith alone?
February 2009 Can you explain the Church's economy of salvation and praying to Mary which I find distressing?
February 2009 Can I correct your view on whether you need just the Scriptures or your church for salvation?
July 2008 Does the seal of the Holy Spirit in Ephesians mean once we are sealed we can't lose our salvation?
July 2008 Can you tell me how Catholics are saved no matter how long the answer is?
July 2008 What is the Catholic view of what you have to do to go to Heaven?
April 2008 How is God Omnipresent and how can one gain eternal Heaven by doing a few deeds in this life?
April 2008 Why does our Catechism contradict the Scriptures on justification, righteousness, and merit?
April 2008 How does the Catholic understanding of grace differ from the Calvinist understanding?
November 2007 Are there any postings that discuss how Catholics are saved and where is this in the Catechism?
November 2007 How can salvation be a gift that must be earned when there is no assurance one actually earns it?
November 2007 Can eternal salvation be attained without fasting?
November 2007 Can you answer questions on suffering, salvation, etc. that no other Catholic site has dealt with?
April 2007 Considering Romans 4, how does the Church teach that we are saved by faith and good works?
April 2007 As a new convert, what can I read to satisfy my concerns on the Catholic view of justification?
September 2006 Can you help me better understand the difference between (faith and works) verse faith alone?
September 2006 Since Cornelius received the Holy Spirit before being baptized, is Baptism really necessary?
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