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Posting date Questions
April 2006 Based on my studies and what I have read, is it time for the Church to re-examine Astrology?
May 2005 Can you tell me the validity of the prayer technique called kything according to Catholic teaching?
June 2005 Why would you say Mormons are not Christians when they are?
December 2003 Does anyone have any knowledge of Fr. Carter and the Shepherds of Christ out of Morrow, Ohio?
December 2003 Could you recommend any resources that will help me deal with the Seventh Day Adventists?
November 2003 Seeing that our Bishop is attending Freemason meetings and functions, do you have any advice?
November 2000 Can we still get married and have kids, if I want to stay Catholic and he wants to stay Mormon?
November 2000 Can you help me defend how Catholics still observe the Sabbath day and show its biblical basis?
August 2000 Can you tell me about William Branham, who my boyfriend says is the End-Time prophet?
August 2000 Do you know the Vatican's view on the Christian Community and Rudolf Steiner?
August 2000 Can you explain the proper rendering of John 1:1 and the Jehovah Witness' interpretation?
August 2000 Where is the soul mentioned in the Bible?
August 2000 What is this guy trying to tell me and who is he quoting?
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