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Posting date Questions
September 2009 What are the 15 hidden pains of Christ and can you help me stand up to the Jehovah Witnesses?
September 2009 Can someone who was raised a Mormon but believes in the Catholic Church become a Catholic?
May 2009 How can the Catholic Church degrade Masonic organizations when they don't understanding them?
May 2009 Can I marry a lapsed Jehovah's Witness in the Church with Her blessings?
October 2008 Are the Freemasons an anti-Catholic Protestant group and where do their beliefs oppose ours?
October 2008 Should a Mormon consider her departed wife's wishes and not bring the kids to the Mormon church?
October 2008 What is the Catholic view of routine Hebrew customs of refraining from eating pork and shellfish?
July 2008 What prophet my sister is referring to when she refers to God showing a prophet two fruits?
April 2008 How could John Main's Christian Meditation be so evil, yet bring my sister back to the Church?
November 2007 Should I be concerned that these recovering meetings are scheduled at non-Catholic locations?
November 2007 Do you know the Church's position on either John of God in Brazil or Christina Gallagher?
April 2007 Why would you question whether Mormons are Christians, when they are Christians?
April 2007 What has the Church said about Masonry and where I can get accurate information on them?
September 2006 Why are you spreading false information about the Mormons? . . . they are Christian!
September 2006 Can you help with challenges to my Catholic faith from Muslims and explain why they are wrong?
April 2006 Why don't you look up the messages of Vassula Ryden and the true life in God ministry?
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